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What you should know about free domains online

Domain names are the unique identities that constitute the URL of the sites that are registered and hosted online. Before you start building your online site, you will have to have to follow the domain name registration process using proper domain name search tactics to find a perfect one. But, obtaining and using a domain name, is not that simple and straight forwards as it seems to most of the beginners and newcomers.

There are many options that are available online for domain name search and selection purposes. Usually people, who just have started their business or need to start an online site of their own, need a low-cost solution to their needs. It is because there not a huge budget on the backup and saving a considerable amount of money is crucial for a startup. But sometimes, such an attitude and requirements make you fall into the prey of certain issues that may grow bigger with time.

One of such a condition arises when a startup business owner chooses to obtain a free domain name through a registrar that claims to offer a completely free domain name.

In Australia, sometimes the companies offering such services may have a promotional period to attract more customers, but you should be very careful in obtaining such domains and make sure about following aspects before you confirm your free domain:

  • For how long the domain name will remain free and will there be any charges after some time. If there are what are the charges.
  • Will there be any issue in hosting the site through a web hosting company or the free package includes the website hosting, SSL certificate option for security also. If the web hosting is also included will it be under your own control.
  • If the domain name is free, will it be registered on your name or is it already registered to another name or owner.
  • Will you be able to transfer it to another hosting or not.
  • What would be the limits that will be applied to the domain and hosting?

All these aspects should be made clear before you obtain a free domain. It is better not to risk your whole online business for the sake of saving a few bucks.

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